Community CPR & First Aid Frequently Asked Questions

  • What affiliation are the instructors?
    The instructors for this course are American Heart Association Certified (AHA).
  • Do the instructors get paid for teaching classes?
    No, all the instructors volunteer their time to educate the community on CPR and first aid. They receive no compensation.
  • Do I have to attend both classes?
    No, but it is recommended that you attend both classes.  You must attend the CPR portion of the class. The first aid portion is optional but highly recommended.
  • What if I am already CPR certified, but I am looking for first aid?
    People who hold current CPR certification may attend the first aid portion only. However it is recommended you attend both classes so your certifications will expire at the same time.
  • Is this class for people new to CPR or for people needing a refresher?
    Both, this class is designed for both people new to CPR and those needing a refresher.
  • When are the classes held?
    The classes are held on various dates and times throughout the month.  Check the CPR & First Aid Page of for exact date.
  • Where are the classes held?
    The classes are typically held at the Jaffrey Fire Station, 138 Turnpike Rd. Jaffrey, NH
  • How do I sign up?
    By phone at 603-532-8377, mailbox 4. By fax at 603-532-7877, By email to, online on theCPR & First Aid page of
  • Who is eligible?
    The classes are open to anyone.
  • What does it cost?
    $35.00 for an individual (does not include the AHA Book)
    $55.00 for corporate of healthcare provider (includes a AHA book)
  • How do I get a book?
    Books are available to be loaned to students or books maybe purchased for $25.00.