Recruit Class Graduation

The Jaffrey Fire Department recently completed its first ever recruit training school. The purpose of the recruit training school is to give new potential firefighters a test of what they can expect when they become members of the Jaffrey Fire Department. The recruit training school ran for four weeks with classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm. During these classes the recruits were taught about fire behavior, safety, fire extinguishers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ladders and more. They trained on wearing self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and how to find and rescue victims who maybe trapped in a fire. Each time the class met, students were quizzed on the material from the previous class and were expected to have studied and learned the course materials.

The class culminated with a final evaluation on September 30, 2017. The evaluation began with a 50-question test on the materials covered in class including communications, water supply and firefighting tools. Once the recruits finished their test, they began a practical skills test that included raising ladders, advancing hose lines and searching a building for a victim and performing a rescue.

This first class of recruits included two new youth firefighters, a first for the Jaffrey Fire Department. These youth firefighters will continue to train with the department and will hopefully become full fledge firefighters when they turn eighteen.

The Jaffrey Fire Department is actively recruiting new call firefighters. The Jaffrey Fire Department is a “call” Fire Department. This means that its members respond to calls from their homes or jobs when needed. The Town pays each member an hourly wage when they respond to an emergency call or participate in training or other department work. The Jaffrey Fire Department is made up of 25 active “call” firefighters. They respond to approximately 350 calls for assistance per year.

The Jaffrey Fire Department will be holding a recruitment open house and information session on Monday November 20, 2017 from 6 to 8 pm. This is an opportunity for members of the community who maybe interested in learning more about becoming a member of the Jaffrey Fire Department. The event is free and open to the public. More information can be found at

Recruit Class Graduation September 2017